Digital Artwork

Animals: I am an animal lover and I even have a few designs that help stand up for animals. #adoptdontstop

Abstract: Splatter paint and patterns are very expressive and fun!

Mixed Media: Often includes a quote, a digital image or a photograph, or a combination of all three

Fantasy: Star Wars, Unicorns Faries, Werewolves

Typography: Some of my favorite quotes. Some are inspirational while others I came up with.  Some are song lyrics.

Disney: You’re never too old to enjoy Disney! Disney movies are still my favorite! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorites. Believe in Magic Seris ( No. 1 – The Jungle Book, No. 2 – Bambi, No. 3 – Alice and Wonderland)

Holiday: Designs dedicated to the holidays ( Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July)

Tree of Life and Dreamcatchers: Dreamcatchers are meant to catch your dreams both good and bad. Only the good know how to pass through. Tree of life has many meanings and it all goes back to your religious view. Basically, it’s a new start to life! Other meanings are immortality, deep family ties, and ultimately that you are connected to the world around you.

Galaxies: Incorporating Stars and the night into various ways


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