About the Creator

I am Abby Juli. I graduated high school in 2015. I studied graphic design at Cayuga Community College and graduated with an Associates Degree in 2017. Learning the basic skills that are essential for an artist such as, printmaking, painting, drawing both two-dimensional objects and three-dimensional objects in various medias ( chalk, oil pastels, acrylics, watercolor, etc.).

I use my art to speak for me. My artwork has gotten me through some tough times throughout high school. I have always thought that it was so cool to design something and become famous off of it. I hope you all enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy making them.

Art is therapeutic to me, I create when my feelings need to be let out. – Abby Juli


15327248_588574068010801_4047437874334481066_nHow do I get my ideas? My inspiration can come from anywhere. A bad day at school. The daily struggles of life. My cuddly kitty. Nature and its beauty. These are just a few examples of where I get my ideas. While a majority of my work says something about, there are also a few pieces that are just fun.

My photos are taken with my Apple Ipod touch, my Samsung Galaxy S5, and my Canon Rebel T6i. My digital work is done with a variety of photo manipulation apps on my phone. My favorite app that I use is Picsart, there is so much you can do with the app.

Learning the about different medias and ways to create art has shown me my second favorite media. Acrylic paint!  Just like my digital work, I focus on aspects of nature with lots of colors. You can see some of my paintings in our painting portfolio!

I am also a crafter, if you follow my blog you will know that I make small accessories as well! Such as dream catchers, and key-chains.

Seeing that people like my work makes me happy. Seeing someone that purchased one of my artworks makes my day!

Art shows: Cayuga Community College, Town of Nile’s

Art Mentions: CNY Central ( Local News Station)

Follow my blog to see DIY crafts that I have made, my artwork, products from my shops, tips for artists, and more!




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