Changes, Promotion and Sales

First A few changes…..


  1. My blog posts are no longer hidden! My homepage is non existent. Now my latest blog posts will be what you first see….
  2. My redbubble shop has had a huge over haul! Both bio’s have been edited, new works have been added, older works have been deleted, more tags have been added so my work is easily searchable.
  3. Two of my stores have been discontinued. My Rageon and Liveheroes stores have been deleted. I thought I would work with the shop that do work. 

Promotion & Social Media

I get most of my following from Instagram and Twitter. Since I started participating in groups on Facebook and group boards on Pinterest, things seem to be turning the other way.

  1. Instagram Currently I have a little over 1,000 followers. I post everything from close ups to pictures, to promo deals, to work in progress photos, to updates, to inspiration pieces. The only thing I don’t post is personal images.
  2. Twitter Currently I have 700 followers. Since Twitter only allows 150 characters, I usually post a direct link and promo deals from my shops.
  3. Pinterest I just started Pinterest a few weeks ago, I have around 270 followers. I also started a few group board for Society6, Zazzle, and Redbubble. Since starting these groups I have noticed my following increase. I have boards for all of my shops to photography, to tips on how to improve your skills, to updates on my blog/website to what inspires me.
  4. Facebook I use my facebook page mainly for my family to see my art. Since I got more involved in Facebook groups I have noticed more sales in my shop and more of a following over all. I mostly post the image on my page then share the link with a group. Sometimes I will post a promo deal from my shops.

A list of Facebook Groups for P.O.D sites

Other Groups

Recent Sales


  • small Wolf Dream Tapestry x2
  • Small 1970s Floral Pattern Leggings
  • 13 Reasons Pillow Sham


  • Dream. Create. Repeat Spiral Notebook


Dream. Create. Repeat. Spiral Notebook


Thank you for reading and supporting an independent artist!




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