A year on Society6 and a update!

I have been a member of the Society6 community for a year!



I currently 713 followers

Some of our latest products on our Shop!



Currently, I have made a few sales with Society6….



Screenshot (48)
Society6 sales



Heres an update with the rest of our shops and social media…

I have had this website since May 2016 and later opened up our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Pinterest.

Since starting up my blog again I have realized how important it is to blog and continuously promote new products on my Print On Demand Shop!



Screenshot (52)
WordPress Stats


Here’s a look at my other shops and the stats……



I Currently 170 followers

Some of our latest products on our shop!




Since Redbubble was the first shop I opened, it will be my best seller. Currently, I have 13 sales. One of my designs is on in Australia! I have a few designs in the UK!


Screenshot (50)
Redbubble Sales


Latest Products to on our shop!



My Zazzle shop is the new Print on Demand shop that I opened in the Spring of 2017. I have 5,000 products and have made three sales.



Screenshot (49)
Zazzle Sales


Thanks to the “customize it” button on each product page, the buyer can edit the image just to their liking! Some products like keychains, ornaments, and jewelry come in various styles and options.

Also find my photos on Istock, Twenty20 and Foap. I’m still uploading photos to these site in order to grow my portfolio. I have not made any sales from these sites yet either but I do have photos being reviewed for one of the best stock photography sites, Getty Images!



– Abby (purelifephotoss)


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